Visual & Performing Arts

  • Students on stage in theatre
    Classroom Music Program
    Classroom music is provided to students in UPK through 3rd grade.  Utilizing visual and performing arts standards, classroom music teachers travel to each school site in the district to guide students in learning musical concepts as they sing, dance and play hand-held instruments.  Students in 3rd grade learn to play the recorder.
    Chorus Program
    Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 sign up to participate in chorus.  The chorus meets weekly with the music teacher to learn a variety of culturally diverse songs that are performed at school and evening performances.
    Instrumental Music Program
    Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 have the opportunity to participate in learning to play a musical instrument.  Our traveling instrumental music teachers instruct students in wind, string, and percussion instruments in classes that range from beginner to advanced skills.  Students demonstrate their skills in concerts throughout the school year.
    Visual Arts Program
    Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classrooms work with one of our visual arts teachers to learn about different artistic styles and create their own masterpieces.  Student art projects are showcased at the NSD Celebration of the Arts event.
    Performing Arts
    Students in 2nd grade participate in a theater residency with a performance artist.  This interactive experience allows students to try on different elements of expression through voice, body language, and more.
    Sixth grade students participate in a hip-hop residency with professional hip-hop artists.  Students learn about how dance is an art form, as well as a way to communicate.  Elements of teamwork, self awareness, and respect for others are messaged within this residency.
    *Programs listed above take place during the school day.*
    Newhall Family Theatre
    After extensive restoration, the Newhall Family Theatre reopened in 2017.  Located on the campus of Newhall Elementary School, this district asset is open for use to all 10 NSD schools.  With more than 500 seats, this professional performance space is utilized to enhance the performing arts experiences of our students. Click here to visit the Theatre's website.