Digital Access

  • Using Clever, a single sign-on platform,  students have access to a variety of resources digitally in school and from home.

    Click here to access the student login page.

    Below are resources students can access.

    Benchmark Universe:  Students can access digital versions of their text books, teacher assigned online assignments and more.

    Refered to as RAZ Kids, this online reading practice program is available to students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. 

    Dreambox is a math application that reinforces student mastery of mathematical concepts through interactive practice.

    A resource from the Bridges math program, Math Apps provide visual models of math strategies/

    Students can access digital copies of the Studies Weekly content.

    Typese is an online typing program available to students in third through sixth grade.  The program includes both typing instruction and content area typing practice.

    Safari Montage is a digital library that students can search for videos and content on topics of interest.

    There are resources from the California State Library that students can access.  Within these resources, students read books, explore an online encylopedia, and discover in National Geographic Kids.

Instructional Programs