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    Parent Communication

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Newhall School District uses the LobbyGuard Visitor Management System in our school(s) to help protect our students and staff by tracking visitors, volunteers and vendors who come into our school.

    The policy at our school is for all visitors to sign-in to the building via LobbyGuard. You will be required to scan your driver license as part of this process. If you do not have a driver license you should bring another form of valid photo ID when visiting the school. Following the sign-in process a visitor badge is printed and is to be worn at all times while on school property. Any visitor who is not wearing a visitor badge will be escorted to the front office. The badge is self-adhesive and will not damage clothing.

    LobbyGuard Badge



    Prior to leaving the school all visitors must visit the front office and sign-out out using the LobbyGuard system. Front office staff will be available to answer questions and provide assistance as needed.

    The safety of our students is our highest priority and the LobbyGuard Visitor Management System helps provide a safer environment for our students.

    For further information regarding LobbyGuard, please visit: www.lobbyguard.com and follow them on social media.

    Jeff Pelzel, Superintendent