• NSD School Buildings Remain Closed

    Distance Learning to Begin April 13, 2020


    Click the link below for information and support for Distance Learning:

    Newhall School District eLearning Website



  • Valencia Valley School Mission Statement

    At Valencia Valley, we believe: that our fundamental purpose is to support students in learning the Common Core Curriculum, that we can do so by leading, facilitating, strategizing, inspiring, and mentoring students for continued success, that this school was built to provide for the academic and social development of the children living in the surrounding community, that we can do so while ensuring that students have a safe and nurturing climate, that it is our job to make sure that each child will indeed learn; our mission is based on student learning – not on teaching alone, that when students experience difficulty in learning, we can find tailored solutions in order to best meet the needs of each student we serve.