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    For over 40 years, the Newhall School District has been committed to providing all students with an education in music.

    Primary Grade Instruction: Students in Kindergarten through second grade participate in classroom music. Credentialed music teachers visit school sites once a week to deliver lessons in reading rhythms, singing, and playing instruments. Students also learn about famous composers. All third grade students learn to read music by playing the recorder.

    Upper Grade Instruction:  Students in fourth through sixth grades have the opportunity to join Chorus and/or Orchestra.  Chorus instruction takes place one day a week during the school day and is led by a credentialed music teacher.  Students who participate in the orchestra program may play percussion, wind instruments, or string instruments.  Classes are taught by credentialed music teachers and are differentiated in beginning, intermediate, or honors groups.  All students who participate in orchestra and/or chorus perform at several concerts during the school year. 

    Goal: Students will be physically engaged with the art form, will explore the academic content using the art form, discover new knowledge, inquire, innovate, create, and show what they have learned. 

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