6th Grade Supply List


  • Sixth grade is off to a great start! Our team this year consists of Mrs. Longoria and Mrs. Paredes. We are very eager to work with your children, especially since Covid took away being together in person for most of last year. This year, we will place our focus on the social/emotional well-being of your child, while incorporating the 6th grade level standards. Your child will be thinking at higher, broader levels, and gain a deeper understanding about a variety of topics and subject areas.

    In English/Language Arts, ELA, we are currently focusing on reading a variety of texts/passages that allow students to review the main idea/details, text structure, as well as use annotations to further comprehend what they are reading. Math begins with Arithmetic Strategies, as well as incorporating a review of some of the 5th grade standards to ensure they have the foundational skills needed to tackle the 6th grade math standards.  Homework will usually be given, Monday through Thursday, to practice and reinforce material and skills they’ve learned in class, as well as teaching the responsibility of returning it on a daily basis. There will be some math practice, ELA, in the form of an article, a passage from our Benchmark reading series, or an assignment started in class needing to be completed. Reading for 20 minutes per night is also a mandatory part of daily homework. It is not meant to take up their entire evening after returning from school, but more to develop the routine of daily assignments similar to what they will receive in middle school.

    In 6th grade, we expect the students to come to school fully prepared with homework completed and a mindset of being ready to learn something new! We often remind them to set good examples for the younger grades, by having a kind heart and open communication. Our goal is to have them ready for middle school and the responsibilities that come with it.