1st Grade Supply List


  • We are so excited to have your child be a part of our First Grade! This year our team consists of Mrs. Adelman/Mrs. Heys, and Mrs. Spadaro. Additionally, Mrs. Garate will also be assisting in first grade. You will be amazed at the learning growth that will take place during this year. Your child will be engaged in writing to three different genres (summary of narrative, opinion, and narrative), learn to read and comprehend stories, add and subtract numbers through story problems, graphing, and timed tests, and be more aware about the world around them through our science and social studies units.

    We are also very excited to have our first grade students continue to meet with Mr. Valerino, our music teacher, and work with our Science Facilitator, Mrs. Frankian, and have time with our librarian, Miss Finn. 

    We have a great year planned for the First Graders and continue to ask for your support. Teaching your child is a team effort. Your child will achieve greatness with us working together!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s First Grade teacher.

    First Grade Schedule:
    8:25 School Begins

    9:40-10:00 Recess

    11:45-12:30 Lunch

    3:10 Dismissal

    Friday Minimum Day

    10:00-10:35 Brunch/Recess

    12:30 Dismissal

    Quick Notes from the First Grade Teachers:

    Your child may bring a small healthy snack to eat at recess. We do suggest that you always have a snack available, such as a granola bar, that won’t go bad in your child’s backpack for any chance that your child does get hungry by recess. Your child may also bring a water bottle to drink during class time. 

    All Classes - Reading fluency is a focus for first graders. Reading passages will come home weekly to provide additional fluency practice for students. Please return the passages every Friday, signed and completed. In addition, please help your child memorize all 124 first grade sight words as they come home week by week.

    Proficiency goals in reading fluency:

    • November: 30 wpm
    • March: 50 wpm
    • June: 65 wpm

    Reminder that your child should be completing 7 Dreambox online math lessons weekly.

    Please help your child to be able to tie their own shoes.