• Valencia Valley Mission and Vision

    Valencia Valley Mission Statement

    Our Valencia Valley Family’s mission is to provide a well-balanced, supportive environment by facilitating authentic collaborative learning experiences that are tailored to the individual student needs of our diverse community, ensuring that children develop a passion for lifelong learning as they flourish into productive, emotionally intelligent, critically thinking citizens of the world.

    Together, families and staff accomplish our mission by committing to data-driven curriculum alongside high academic and behavioral expectations, while nurturing a culture that honors the growth of the whole child.

    Valencia Valley Vision Statement

    Valencia Valley students will be inclusive citizens who are empowered to share joy, compassion, knowledge, and kindness with the world.

    They will be:

    • Respectful
    • Responsible
    • Safe

    School Profile

    School Profile/Context/Demographics

    Valencia Valley School is a California Distinguished School located in the City of Santa Clarita, and is one of ten schools in the Newhall School District. The school maintained an average enrollment of 689 students in grades TK-6 in 2021-22, and offers class size reduction in grades TK-3. Twenty different languages are spoken by students and families of VV, and the school continues to become more and more diverse. During the 2021-22 school year, Valencia Valley’s student population was 47% White, 30% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 3%Filipino, 2% Black/African American and 11% other ethnicities. English Learners comprise about 7% of our student body. Valencia Valley also has the NSD SDC 3 Program, in which 22 students were enrolled in grades K-3 in 2021-22. They share learning experiences with their general education peers as appropriate for their learning goals. Valencia Valley School consists of a core building housing classrooms, the library, multi-purpose room, science lab, and school offices. There are two outside buildings with fourth, fifth, sixth grades.

    As part of the Newhall School District, students who attend NSD are provided with a comprehensive program which includes music and art. In addition our campus provides both intervention and extension opportunities including WIN (What I need) and Student Council.

    Our PBIS program is grounded in a research-based framework. Our PBIS program has made a positive impact at Valencia Valley Elementary in terms of student behavior and adult behavior. It is preventative, multi-tiered and equitable for ALL students. We have created a shared vision with a common language, shared beliefs about behavior, and common behavior expectations that are clear to staff and students. Our staff, parents, and students have worked collaboratively to create common behavior expectations at school. We are Vikings On a Quest to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.

    Teachers operate as a Professional Learning Community, studying students’ academic and social performance. The data drives instructional decisions, including grouping students for What I Need (WIN) time and referral for further study or services such as (Student Support Team) SST and counseling services. We have a full time counselor who runs groups, sees students one-on-one, and provides lessons to classes and grade levels.

    As part of the Newhall School District, Valencia Valley has a part time bilingual Community Liaison who works to help enhance communication between home and school.  The Community Liaison’s role includes translating orally or in writing during school hours as well as evening events, parent meetings, IEPs and various group meetings.  Additionally, she answers questions, provides resources and helps build relationships between parents and various members of the school.   

    At Valencia Valley, we believe that it is the partnership with families that completes a rich school experience. We have many opportunities for families to participate in their child’s education. Parents can be a part of PTA or our Technology Foundation, raising funds and promoting family involvement. They can serve as School Site Council or English Learner Advisory Committee members. Parents are invited to be active partners through communication with teachers and administrators through Parent Square. School administrators keep an open line of communication through regularly scheduled Coffee and Chat meetings where relevant topics can be discussed more informally. Together, families and school staff create the warm, caring, intentional environment for which Valencia Valley is known!

    At Valencia Valley, we commit to: 

    • providing for the academic and social development of all our students
    • ensuring that students have a safe and nurturing climate
    • providing enrichment opportunities to all, while ensuring an effective system of intervention to meet the unique needs of our students