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    School Profile/Context/Demographics

    Valencia Valley School is a California Distinguished School located in the City of Santa Clarita, and is one of ten schools in the Newhall School District.  The school maintains an average enrollment of 703 students in grades TK-6, and offers class size reduction in grades K-3.  During the 2016-2017 school year, Valencia Valley’s student population was 49.79% White, 29.73% Hispanic, 5.12% Asian, 2% Black/African American and 13.37% other ethnicities.  English Learners comprise 5.12% of our student body.  Valencia Valley also has the NSD SDC 3 Program, in which 23 students are enrolled.  They share learning experiences with their general education peers as appropriate for their learning goals. 

    The certificated staff includes the principal, a .60 assistant principal, 30 general education classroom teachers (two job share assignments), two Special Day Class (SDC) classroom teachers, a full-time speech/language specialist, and a Resource Specialist Program (RSP) teacher.  Support staff includes a part-time school psychologist, four part-time SDC instructional aides, two full time behavior support specialists, a part-time technology support technician, a part-time counselor, one .47 Intervention teacher, one reading and math curriculum specialists, and seven safety supervisors.  Office staff consists of the office manager and office assistant, one part-time health assistant, a part-time community liaison, and a part-time media clerk. 

    The academic success of every student is a high priority for all stakeholders, and we feel strongly that it takes the entire school community to achieve the desired student outcomes.  We believe that a strong emphasis on reading, writing and math is essential at the elementary level.  Teachers meet regularly in collaborative teams to analyze data related to student achievement and make instructional decisions based on that data. Teachers enhance our students’ education through differentiated instruction.  Flexible ability and cluster groups are found in all classrooms.  First grade through sixth grade students have a forty minute block called “WIN”, which stands for What I Need.  During WIN time, all teachers at a grade level as well as Interventionists work with students in small groups based around the specific essential standard for the teaching cycle.  From reteaching to enrichment, all students participate in this Tier II intervention in their grade level. 

    Valencia Valley School receives Base and Supplemental grants from the Local Control Funding Formula. The School Site Council continues to focus funding from these programs directly on student success and academic improvement.  Students are held accountable for their behavior and academic success. They are positively rewarded for demonstrating good character and for following school rules.  Academically, the students are held accountable through standards-based assessments and a standards-based report card. Parent conferences are scheduled twice a year at which time the standards-based report cards are reviewed.  

    Effective communication is vital to success. Valencia Valley uses a variety of tools to share information, such as weekly “Smore” electronic newsletter, school Instagram account, school marquee, hallway bulletin boards, the School Accountability Report Card, and an advanced school-to-home phone/email communication system. The system allows for both emergency and outreach messages to be sent to every family in the school in a matter of minutes if needed. The principal communicates with the staff through a weekly calendar in addition to scheduled staff meetings, leadership council, Instructional Leadership Team meetings and PLC meetings. Students share reports with one another about school-related activities through Student Council minutes read in the classroom. The PTA has a website as a Facebook page.  The principal and or assistant principal attend school group meetings (PTA, Technology Foundation, and School Site Council). Notices are sent frequently electronically and/or in paper form reminding families of school activities and other important issues. In addition, the teachers regularly send out class/parent emails in order to keep parents informed of activities and events happening in their classroom.  Valencia Valley strives to promote student involvement and develop leadership skills within the school setting.  The school has a Student Council consisting of elected upper grade representatives, serving the interests of both upper and primary grade students.  School counselors work closely with grade levels and individual students to bring awareness of bullying and to help give children strategies to deal with conflict and diffuse bullying. Under the direction of the assistant principal, students are trained by the Sheriff’s Department to participate in the Student Valet program. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion around the school and gives students a chance to provide community service. Valencia Valley is extremely fortunate to have a very dedicated and active PTA. It sponsors a variety of programs that benefit students and teachers in many ways. It is impossible to mention all of the programs this parent group promotes, but highlights include emergency preparedness, school-wide assemblies, field trips, science and art fairs, classroom art appreciation, reading and writing programs, gifts for technology and the library, classroom volunteer programs, Adopt-A-Book, fall carnival, variety show, social events, food drives, yearbook, room representatives, student store, teacher appreciation, after-school enrichment classes, and many others. In 2003-2004 the school established a non-profit Technology Foundation. The goal of this group was to provide funding for classroom computers and the advancement of technology. Since its inception, the foundation has contributed in the purchase a new site server, the construction of our science lab, upgrading aging computers, document cameras, and projectors in classrooms, printers, and two way radios. The Foundation contributed the first mobile computer lab and provided a variety of licensing fees along with Scholastic News subscriptions. We recognize that the strong emphasis in the Common Core State Standards, along with our experience, enthusiasm, and school spirit will be vital to our success as we confidently move forward.  At Valencia Valley, we commit to: 

    • providing for the academic and social development of all our students
    • ensuring that students have a safe and nurturing climate
    • providing enrichment opportunities to all, while ensuring an effective system of intervention to meet the unique needs of our students 

    Our goals clearly express a belief that education is a partnership between the school and the family. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers are given many opportunities for involvement.  Kindergarten Orientation, Back-to-School Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, PTA meetings, and Open House are all very well attended.  Valencia Valley PTA is a vital force in encouraging parent involvement in education. Parents serve as Art Appreciation instructors, Royal Readers, and run a multitude of small group instruction across the campus.  Many parents also volunteer to help with clerical needs in the classroom, chaperone field trips, and work on school committees. Social activities are also offered to help build a sense of community.  Family events include the Fall Carnival, Variety Show, and Evening Under the Stars, to name a few.  To assist families with transition to and from elementary school, special opportunities are offered. Families are invited to an orientation meeting and social prior to entrance to kindergarten. Students visit the classroom, meet their teacher, and become familiar with the school setting. Students exiting the school to attend junior high school and their parents are given opportunities to acquaint themselves with the Jr. High. 

    • Sixth Grade students visit the junior high school campuses with their teachers and class.
    • Valencia Valley students and parents are invited to the Jr. High open house.
    • Valencia Valley students and parents are invited to Jr. High performing arts events.
    • The Jr. High sends out a publicity brochure to parents.  Home/School Partnership Meetings will continue to be offered to parents of special education students this year. This opportunity is designed to assist with socialization, inform parents of community resources, and provide a network of support for parents of students with learning disabilities.  

    Our goals include the following schedule as some of the parent information offerings during the 2017-2018 school year: 

    • Monthly PTA meetings
    • Home/School Partnership Meetings for parents
    • LCFF Funding parent engagement night
    • Math Coach Parent Education meeting
    • School Security protocol meeting(s) 

    As part of the Newhall School District, Valencia Valley has a part time bilingual Community Liaison who works to help enhance communication between home and school.  The Community Liaison’s role includes translating orally or in writing during school hours as well as evening events, parent meetings, IEPs and various group meetings.  Additionally, she answers questions, provides resources and helps build relationships between parents and various members of the school. 

    Title III - Interpreters for Parent/Teacher Conferences and School Functions

    • LCFF Base and Targeted Funding
    • Supplemental Allocation