CA Healthy Kids Survey


    The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is a powerful tool used by many Districts across California in Grades 5-12 that can help schools and districts accurately identify areas of student and school strengths and weaknesses, and address related needs. It provides a comprehensive, data-driven, decision-making process to guide efforts to improve school climate, learning supports, and engagement, as well as identify and increase the quality of health, prevention, and youth development programs.

    At the heart of the CHKS is a broad range of key learning and health-related indicators that are used to collect student data on attitudes, behaviors, and experiences related to school and learning. School connectedness, developmental supports and opportunities, safety, violence and harassment, substance use, and physical and mental health are some of the key areas assessed by the survey.  Newhall School District is using the CHKS as an indicator of student engagement for our Local Control and Accountability Plan.  Information will be gathered for each school site and the District.  The link below will take you directly to the student questions in both English and Spanish for you to review.