• School Mission and Vision

    Pico Canyon Elementary School’s mission is to provide all students with a positive and challenging learning environment which empowers them to become productive, educated citizens able to meet the responsibilities of the future. It is the shared commitment of the Pico Canyon community to develop the social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being of all children.

    The Pico Canyon community has a shared commitment to ensure the highest level of learning for all students. Pico Canyon Students will demonstrate: 

    • Effective communication and social skills
    • An understanding and appreciation of the existing diversity in our society
    • Critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and risk-taking
    • Individual excellence and a desire for life-long learning

    Collective Commitments

    Pico is a Community of Learners

    • Leadership is shared
    • PLC work is facilitated
    • RTI structures are of OUR design
    • We simply believe in continuous improvement for all students
    • We don’t work in isolation
    • We share our data
    • We share best practices
    • We find solutions for:
      • Students who get it
      • Students who don’t