Meadows Elementary Exterior
  • Meadows Elementary School

    Meadows School is located in Valencia, a suburban community thirty miles north of Los Angeles. The school was built in 1975 originally as a single building with an open classroom concept. Currently, 647 students are enrolled in grades TK through sixth. Of these students, 52% are white, 32% are Latino, and 5% are Asian. Additionally, 4.6% of the students are English Language Learners (ELLs) and 21% are of low socio-economic status. Meadows underwent renovation during the 2003-04 school year. The interior of the main building was completely redesigned and updated. Permanent walls were constructed to separate seventeen regular classrooms and one special use classroom. The resource specialist, speech pathologist, and psychologist, as well as the library, multi-purpose room, kitchen, production center, and the school office area, are also within the main building. Two additional modular classrooms were added to the thirteen already present on campus. The modular classrooms are located adjacent to the main building.During the 2014-15 school year, additional renovations for Meadows School were completed. Through local bond funds, eight new classrooms were constructed to replace eight of the existing portable classrooms.One of these new rooms is a science lab, and seven are student classrooms.

    Meadows School serves a predominantly middle class neighborhood with a low student mobility rate. The school is adjacent to a city park.Surrounded by homes, a park, and paseos, the school has a strong neighborhood identity.The community supports the traditional values of honesty, responsibility, and pride in work. Meadows School supports these same values and has a tradition of high expectations, academic excellence, and strong community support. The families in the Meadows’ community take pride in the school’s learning environment and tradition of excellence. 

    Meadows Single Plan 2020-2021